Working with Text

Right now Sitecake can work with three different text elements:

To add a new text element drag and drop toolbar icon (heading, text or bullets) on the page and enter the text.

To edit existing text element just click the text and edit in place.

Adding styles to text

Template designer can define a number of different CSS user styles for each text element so users can apply them from a toolbar drop down menu.

In order to apply inline styles select a couple of words from a sentence. Once selection is made you can:

Text selection will open address bar in the toolbar where you can paste a web or email address. To create an email link just click gray area on the left of the address bar to toggle between web and email link. Select little square icon on the right of the address to open a link in a new browser window. (target ="_blank")

To end text editing mode click anywhere outside of the editable area. Use keyboard shortcuts to edit faster.

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