Page Manager


How it works?

Page manager is invoked either by pressing P on the keyboard of pressing three boxes icon on the toolbar.

Once you have it opened you will see that there are two main sections: Menu items and HTML pages. Menu items are a list of links of the website main navigation. HTML pages are actual pages at the root folder of your website.

Sitecake page manager panel

HTML pages section

You can do several things with pages:

Select a page

Just click a page and it turnes blue, it's selected.

Duplicate page

Once selected click the Duplicate icon to clone existing page.

Set a new home page

Use Home icon to assign new home page. A new home page will be named index.html.

Open page details

Select a page and click Details icon on the right. Once you have Details dialogue open you will be able to change page title, description and URL and preview how you page will be displayed in Google search results. Make sure you add all keywords important for your visitors.

Copy URL button is handy if you want to link this page from some other content section of your website.

Add page to main navigation

Drag and drop page icon to the Menu items section. Now that it's added to the menu, change how it should be shown in the navigation by clicking the name below the page icon.

Navigate to a non-linked page

Page manager an alternative way to navigate the website while editing. Pages that are not linked either from main nav or content links can be found in the HTML pages section of the page manager. Double click the page to open it.

Rename the page

In case you want to rename a page go to Details panel and enter new name in the file name field.

Move to a new folder

Open Details panel for a page and enter both the folder and the name of the page in a form folder/pagename.html If the folder does not exist Sitecake will create the one.


Drag and drop any page to the trash can icon. It's deleted.

Menu items section

There are four things you can do with menu items.

Add new menu item

Drag and drop a page to the Menu Items section.

Rename menu item

Click the text below the menu item box to rename it.

Reorder menu items

Drag and drop menu items to create the order you want.


Drag and drop menu item box to the trash can icon.

How to add Sitecake main navigation

Sitecake, by default, recognizes an unordered list of links with sc-nav class as the navigation. You can have one or more instances of this navigation on the page.

<ul class="sc-nav">
  <li><a href="#" class="active">Home</a></li>
  <li><a href="#">About</a></li>
  <li><a href="#">Contact</a></li>

Sitecake will assign 'active' class to the currently active page.

NOTE: An alternative choice of tags and active class for navigation can be set through config.php

NOTE: If you have added navigation to all your pages manually make sure it's the same on all pages. In case you have three menu items on one page and only two menu items on another Sitecake would not be able to know which one it should use.

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Managing pages in subfolders

In case you want Siteacke to manage pages in subfolders you should create .scpages file and put it in the site root. List all folders with editable pages inside. Each one in a new line.

.scpages example: