Release Notes

2.4.5 Release Notes



  • Support for Croatian language (hr) added
  • Page manager: newly created page stays selected after publish
  • Page manager: page order kept after adding or deleting a page

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: processing menus for pages excluded within .scpages
  • Fixed: cache inconsistency for .scpages listed files
  • Fixed: user was not able to navigate website through page links in edit mode
  • Fixed: Sitecake not handling menus in included files listed in .scpages
  • Fixed: converting urls with query string
  • Fixed: h4 and h6 toolbar buttons are reversed
  • Fixed: menu with zero pages could not be saved

2.4.4 Release Notes


Bug Fixes

  • Cache inconsistency caused Sitecake to delete pages excluded through .scpages file

2.4.3 Release Notes



  • Menu items with UTF-8 encoding are supported
  • Files and folders specified in .scpages, can be declared with asterisk

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Sitecake removed classes on content items without defined user styles
  • Fixed: Incorrect page URLs were displayed in page details modal

2.4.2 Release Notes



  • Page manager added. Clone existing pages, delete and reorder. Drag and drop manage menu items.
  • Basic on page SEO available (set page title, description, url, see how it looks in Google snippet)
  • Updates for PHP7 support
  • Default template for menu item changed to render as element
  • Improvements in error handling and logging
  • Default value for 'pages.use_document_relative_paths' changed to false
  • Page manager keyboard shortcuts (D,H,S,ESC, DEL) added

Bug Fixes

  • Attributes on paragraphs, headings and image elements are no longer removed by Sitecake
  • Classes that are not defined as Sitecake user styles are no longer removed by Sitecake
  • Fixes for backups handling
  • PHP version check 5.6 instead of 5.5
  • SEO page details in page manager are now saved correctly
  • Problem with HTML loading with native PHP DOM fixed (warnings suppressed)

2.3.6 Release Notes



  • Supported for PHP 7 added. New minimal version for running Sitecake is PHP 5.6
  • Opening link in a new window supported
  • request parametar name for opening Sitecake on a page changed to "scpage"

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: BACKSPACE/DEL deletes content of the bullet list
  • Fixed: CloudFlare caching issue
  • Fixed: Bad (404) redirection after logout from asubdirectory
  • Fixed: Crashing on undo press while editing text element
  • Fixed: Impossible to press delete (X button) on image placeholder
  • Fixed: Srcset disappearance
  • Fixed: Undo caused duplication of br tags

2.3.4 Release Notes



  • Improved session handling

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: error handler shows full paths inside error message description
  • Fixed: Sitecake tried to copy deleted files and displayed missing file error

2.3.2 Release Notes


Bug Fixes

  • Improved session handling
  • Fixed: In edit mode links to other pages failed to invoke Sitecake toolbar on a newly open page
  • Fixed: site root permission check failure, manifesting in HTTP 500 error

2.3.1 Release Notes


New Features

  • PHP sites supported - except for HTML files/pages, PHP pages can also be edited by Sitecake (certain restrictions applied).
  • Subdirectories support - Sitecake can edit pages located in subdirectories as well.
  • Explicitly control what pages are under Sitecake control
  • Automatic refresh of draft content upon manual template changes - when page files are manually changed, draft files (in sitecake-temp) are automatically updated.
  • New server side (PHP) session handlers supported (memcache, memcached and redis)
  • Logging server-side (PHP) errors into log file


  • Configurable entry point URL (sitecake.php)
  • HTML code within content containers beautified
  • Support for multi-class user styles
  • Support for user styles in named content containers
  • Prevent caching of the editor configuration file
  • Server side logging and error handling improved

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: CSS rules with pseudo selectors treated as user styles
  • Fixed: problem with logging out from non-index pages
  • Fixed: raw html content item cannot be clicked/selected after initial edit