How to Install


Sitecake is php CMS. Also it's a flat file CMS so you do not need a database. All you need is:

Step 1: Adapt your website for Sitecake

Add sc-content class to divs you want editable.

<div class="sc-content">
  <h1>Fine looking heading</h1>
  <img src=”feature.jpg">
  <p>Some text</p>

Do not nest sc-content divs. It's not supported.

If you want same content repeated on several pages, for sidebars, footers or anything else, just name sc-content class with specific name: sc-content-footer.

Step 2: Upload your website and Sitecake to hosting

Upload your website and Sitecake to the same folder on your hosting. You should have this folder structure:


If you still do not have Sitecake, get it from the download page. If you want an easy start, get some of our free html templates from the templates page

Extract archives with cPanel File Manager or use a script like Akeeba Kickstart

Step 3: Start editing

Point browser to and login with admin pass to start editing. That's it! Not very complicated.

If you haven't tried Sitecake demo, try it now, it should give you some editing feel

If haven't seen a 2 minute video in which I show basic editing capabilities, watch it now.