Working With PHP

From the version 2.3 Sitecake started working with PHP files. If you are using Sitecake with a PHP website, there are several things to know:

Sitecake files and folders

Here is the short description of things found in sitecake/ folder.

    2.3.1/                   version folder
        client/              editor
        config/              configuration files
            bootstrap.php    application bootstrap
            check.php        environment check
            config.php       Sitecake configuration
        locale/              translation .yml files
        src/                 server source files
            Sitecake/        Sitecake classes
            app.php          services entry point
        vendor/              third party libraries
    credentials.php          credentials file
    credential.php.default   reset credentials file
    editor.cnf               editor configuration
sitecake.php                 application entry point


Sitecake suports memcache, memcached and redis session handling.