Multiple Language Support

Sitecake provides a possibility to switch between supported languages used for the interface (icons and button labels, text messages, etc.).

At the moment the following languages are supported:

The interface language is specified by setting the LocaleProxyImpl.interfaceLocale configuration paramter (in the editor.cnf file).

# interface language (hr, cs, dk, nl, en, fr, de, it, nn, pt, pt-br, ru, sk, sl, es, tr, auto)
LocaleProxyImpl.interfaceLocale = en

It can be set to either the 2-letter language code (ISO 639-2 Language Codes) of a supported language or to the ‘auto’ option.

In case the auto option is set, the interface language is selected either by the GET parameter scln, if it is presented, or by the browser (or system) language settings.

The following is an example of URL for accessing a Sitecake-enabled page selecting English as the interface language by the scln paramter, where the LocaleProxyImpl.interfaceLocale is set to ‘auto’’: