What Kind of CMS is Sitecake? 

Sitecake is a CMS for static HTML websites. You can call it HTML CMS if you like. 

It can edit text, images, videos and add pages. All changes are saved to HTML, images to file system. Database is not needed. After editing, even CMS is not needed, you can safely delete Sitecake and the website will stand alone and stand strong.   

Is there a market for such a simple CMS? 

Yes there is!  

At some point in time we have tried freemium model: text and image editing for free, video, maps,  files and more for $39. And you know what happened? People were just using the the free, version. Text and images were enough for majority. Some businesses just needed text editing (eg. daily menu on a restaurant page).  

So, there is a market for a CMS that can edit just text.  

There is a market for a CMS that can edit text, images and videos. 

There is a market for a simple CMS that can do simple blogging, manage pages, text, images and videos. (like Sitecake)

There is a market for Wordpress and beyond... 

Who is using Sitecake? 

Small businesses mainly. For them it's important to have a digital business card, one-pager or several pages website where they can show that they exist, list services, contact details and maybe gallery. That's it. 

Typical Sitecakes are restaurants, bread and brakfasts, dentists, lawyers, all kinds of contractors, yoga and wellness studios, music bands, solo artists and performers, etc.