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Static HTML & PHP Websites

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Drag & drop everything

Drag & drop items from anywhere: the website, your desktop, other browser window or cloud services like YouTube, Vimeo, Google maps, Twitter, etc. It just works!


No template engine required

Sitecake is static CMS that works with plain HTML and PHP pages. No need to learn new templating syntax, just add ‘sc-content’ CSS class to divs you want to make editable.


No database needed

Sitecake is flat file CMS. Text changes are saved to HTML page, images to file system. Once editing is finished the website stays static.


Much faster than a WordPress website

Sitecake manages static pages. Static websites cached with CDN services load lightning fast. For mobile users faster is better. For Google ranking too.

How To Install

<div class="sc-content">
<h1>Fine looking heading</h1>
<img src=”feature.jpg">
<p>Some text</p>

First, add sc-content class to divs you want editable


Second, upload Sitecake to the same folder as your website

Third, point browser to and login with ‘admin’ pass to start editing