Simple, easy and free CMS. Starting today.

Yes, this is the major change. Starting from today SiteCake will be a free CMS. Starting from tomorrow, we will work on preparing SiteCake for open source. That said, we plan to release SiteCake as a open source CMS by the middle of the year.

SiteCake is free CMS for all but hosting providers or website creation services like GoDaddy, Wix, etc. If you are running a business of that kind and scale then please support us so we can continue the development.

Many times we benefited from the free and open source software and now is our turn to give back. All of the SOPA/PIPA uprising inspired us even more to add our piece of cake to the free and accessible Internet for everybody. ┬áIf people lack knowledge to operate and update a website, their voice will not be heard. So, with SiteCake we hope to simplify the effort of online publishing. It’s our call and we plan to do it with your help.

Download SiteCake here and enjoy it!