Making a SiteCake Template From a Simple HTML Page

SiteCake, as a simple cms presents quick fix solution for website updating, easy to use and, which is equally important, easy to setup and integrate with your page. To demonstrate this I created a 4 minute video tutorial in which I follow all steps needed to create a web page running on SiteCake.

1. Download SiteCake from our website
2. Convert your HTML page to SiteCake ready PHP page
3. Add class=”sc-content-[some_id]” to the parts of the webpage you want to edit
4. Upload everything
5. Update SiteCake from free to full version

And everything in just 4 minutes. It can’t be easier than this.


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  1. Syd says:

    This is a cracking little CMS – well done, its unbelievably simple to use – are there any plans on releasing a version which can add and remove a page (or maybe duplicate an existing one which can then be changed)?

    • Nikola says:

      Hey thanks! We are building Page Manger for SiteCake. With it user will be able to add new page, duplicate a page and pick a different layout for new page (layouts will basically be regular SiteCake ready HTML pages with ‘sc-content’ classes). This is next think on our to do list, so it will happen in a month or so.

  2. Peter says:

    I’m loving the simplicity of sitecake -Thank you!
    The page manager function would improve the experience massively. Is there any news on when it will be ready?

    • Nikola says:

      Thank you Peter. Page manager is work in progress, should be available at the end of March. It’s not only Page Manager, we will add SEO things and more…

  3. Karl says:

    Hi, Thanks for the simple and sweet cms. i like sitecake simplicity. I read about Page Manager feature above, How is the page manager coming along, is it ready?

  4. Totoleheros says:

    Any news concerning this key function (addition of new pages)?

    Thank you for this very nice CMS!!

  5. Jaap Geluk says:

    Hi there,
    Is the page manager function ready yet?
    It is literaly the only thing missing right now.

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